Cherishing our valued
live-in caregivers

We provide professional caregiver jobs that offer greater control and flexibility, advocating for top-tier, competitive pay with additional incentives based on performance and leadership. Hence, we sustain a culture of opportunity, work-life balance, and community.

As a professional caregiver on the DARA mobile application, you will be part of a revolutionary approach to in-home care. We work directly with personal care agencies willing to finally embrace professional caregivers’ needs and radically improve the industry.

With us, you can expect to have greater control over your career: gain autonomy and responsibility; work within a schedule that best meets your life; promote within the field by leading your own team of caregivers; and have access to a larger community of people who are passionate about the importance of being a professional caregiver.

Of course, as professional home care assistance providers, you should also expect to be held to a high standard. All caregivers on DARA must meet the minimum requirements of their personal care agency and geographical area (State mandates). They must: be led by compassion and openness to others’ experiences, work well within a team, and consistently provide quality care.


Offering streamlined
home care assistance

Personal Home Care allows patients to receive caregiving in the comfort of their homes. Our connected caregivers’ home care services comprise non-medical assistance, often referred to as Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs), allowing an individual to live independently in a community, improving functional living and overall quality of life.

By utilizing the DARA mobile application, patients and(/or) their care coordinators can access professional caregivers in their area in real time at an affordable cost. Need assistance in bathing, grooming, toileting, walking (ambulation and transfers), eating, meal preparation, running errands, doing laundry or light housekeeping, shopping, transportation to attend appointments, or similar? Professional caregivers registered on DARA can take care of all such home care jobs and companionship, which is an undervalued but necessary part of healthier patient outcomes.

We like to think of DARA as the future of home care. Why? Because we have heard complaints about live-in caregiver turnover, lack of staffing, poor communication, and unprofessionalism. We’ve also witnessed people’s issues with complicated software and outdated brick-and-mortar operations. So, we created an innovative platform to raise the standards of personal care with our most vulnerable populations in mind.



Serving those who served us
With unparalleled care

DARA works with personal care agencies contracted by the Department of Veteran Affairs. Our goal is to help our veterans get the quality care senior home care they don’t just need but deserve.

Many a time, veterans aren’t treated with the respect they’ve earned fighting for us. Unfortunately, their health isn’t prioritized by all. Hence, in their old age, they need someone to support them in their physical and mental wellness matters. This is where DARA steps in.

We provide our celebrated veterans with all the same healthcare amenities other seniors enjoy, generally at a lower cost. With us, many veterans are also eligible for home care assistance services at no charge. So, we also provide them with just that. This is our way of giving back to the brave souls who served our country at the behest of their own lives.

How veterans can avail of DARA’s
senior home care services

We use advanced technology and machine learning algorithms to process your information and match you with the most relevant results—our system updates in real time, so you can always access the most accurate and up-to-date information.

  • 1

    Enrollment in VA Health Care Benefits

    Most veterans who served in the active military, naval, or air service and did not receive a dishonorable discharge qualify for the VA's standard medical benefits package. Not signed up for VA health care but believe you are eligible for coverage? Apply online at va.gov, by phone at 877-222-8387, or by submitting an application for health benefits form by mail or in person at a VA medical center or clinic.

  • 2

    Eligibility for Community Care Services

    Any veteran who is signed up for VA health care and is seeking homemaker or home health aide services qualifies for community care, since the VA does not offer these services directly.

  • 3

    Clinical Eligibility for H/ HHA Services

    A veteran must demonstrate a clinical need for personal care services. Assessments are conducted by a VA primary care provider or a geriatrics care team. If you have met Steps 1 and 2, contact a VA primary care provider today and see if you qualify. Currently, DARA is in partnership with Southern Nevada-based Heroes Caregiving. Ask your team for personal care services from Heroes Caregiving

Our team can also assist in the process!
How to use DARA App

Getting started with the DARA App,
a comprehensive video guide.

The app will allow you to add and manage information about the person who needs help at home, including the specific personal care services that are needed.

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